Hi, I'm Wendy Plas an Dutch Interactive Digital Designer

Who loves to make playful & meaningful products & experiences and experiment with new technologies and motion design.

NKI - Terra Bike Game

Exercise and cognitive training game to help cancer treatments

OLVG - Vitality App

Application to help nurses on their work balance and getting more appreciation from others

HvA - Connectek

Social robotics research & Community website around discovering social patterns

HvA & UvA - Sospeso

Interactive bin to sorting out waste the right way

Digital Prayer Chatbot

Confession booth chatbot to get advice for the #perfectlife

Mijn House of Skills Application

Skills platform to connect people and jobs


Coaching app for people who are low literate

With Friends

Interactives & website to help around loneliness

36 Days of Type - 3D Typography

Combined with AR and Electronics