With friends - Conversation table

"Go celebrate, toast, eat or talk together with friends.” It might be obvious, but not for everyone. Not everybody has friends or the right one to come to their social needs. That’s why someone can be touched by this sentence. Often, we don’t dare to share these feelings of loneliness with each other, making it seem that we’re the only ones. But actually, as much as one-third of young people feel regularly lonely.

Out of user research with self-reflection, interviews and surveys, I saw that the opportunities to help loneliness were more on to helping loneliness to be more open to discussion, helping to make easier contact, improve their social network and not overthinking to negative. After different application designs and testing, I came to the conclusion of making a meeting place with help applications because out of research came that most people would be happy if there was a place where they could get easier contact with new people.

One of these applications is the conversation table. It helps to break the ice to start easily a conversation and make new contacts. This with the help of questions and activities on the screen after pushing the button. On the table, you can press two buttons controlled by an Arduino and the Max MSP Jitter program. By pressing the buttons, you can choose the language and then whether you want a question or an activity. Through the exposition, a lot of new contacts were made and people laughed with each other.

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Discipline Experience Design — Client Graduation project — Year 2019


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