Digital Prayer Chatbot

Confession booth chatbot to get advice for the #perfectlife

How can we criticize decisions made from data based on binary social media interactions?


Interaction design
Critical design


Mei 2020


Jasper Bunschoten



Post a photo with a puppy or a baby. Follow all the people you only vaguely remember from your childhood. Take a picture with a green shirt in the gym and post it with #nopain #nogain. This will all let your popularity score rise with at least 10%. Just a few examples of the wise words provided by The Digital Prayer Bot.


This fully data-based digital priest bot will help you to get more followers and likes and boost your popularity score. Haven’t you liked the post about the gender reveal party of the girl you worked with during your first job in 2008? Confess your sins and get advice on what to do to reach the #perfectlife.


Interaction design

Here you see the flow of how the chatbot is build up. Before making the chatbot in Dialogflow, we made this flow diagram. This helped us keeping an overview of the parts of the chatbots connections.

Criticize social media data

This project criticizes how we base more and more of our decisions on what the data tells us is right. Data that is based on rather binary social media interactions. Popularity, measured by this data, seems to become the highest good. A new religion is evolving. Don’t we all want to live the life of that influencer that has millions of followers, travels all over the world, meets only beautiful and rich people, and gets everything for free?

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