Experiments Lab 👩🏼‍🔬

This page is full of experiments and prototypes on which I explore new technologies. Which help me in being more creative in making new playful products & experiences.

Interactive Wall

My passion for creating interactive experiences started when I created this interactive installation. When people touched the interactive wall and the animations came to life through project mapping, I got such great responses that I felt I always want to do this.

Augmented Reality

Creating character designs in Cinema4D and making them alive through Augmented Reality in 3D space. This opened my eyes on creating new interactions.

Arduino + Animation

Seeing the possibility of controlling digital interactions and animations with software as P5.js & Unity with more physical interactions with sensors using Arduino.

Motion Graphics

Also making everything move is what I love to do. Here I made an animation about the book "the Rosie Project".

Artificial Intelligence

And I'm fascinated about AI and what you can create with it. Here I created my own AI-assistant with voice recognition