Gladskin is a brand of micreos human health who specializes in the development of antibacterial products for human health. Products that are scientifically proven to help people with skin problems such as acne, eczema, rosacea or other irritations. Gladskin products contain groundbreaking and patented Staphefekt™ technology which has proved to be a possible solution for skin problems. Since their previous webshop didn’t meet their user’s expectations anymore Dotcontrol builds a new e-commerce platform which could help them grow their online sales. During my internship period at DotControl, I have cooperated within the design team to help redesign this e-commerce website.

The new design of Gladskin’s e-commerce platform gives its users a sense of reliability and confidence. This has been accomplished by a bright and subtle color scheme and an interface that breathes purity and embraces the perfection in imperfection. Also, honest reviews of actual people where implemented throughout the entire interface to ensure users in making the right decision.

Discipline Webdesign — Client Gladskin — Agency Dotcontrol, Rotterdam, Netherlands - Creative Director Marcel Van Zwieten - Designer Pascal Rops / Wendy Plas Year 2018

Gladskin Gladskin Gladskin Gladskin