Mijn House of Skills Application

Skills platform to connect people and jobs

How to help people in finding the right job for them?


UX/UI design
Interaction design





MijnhouseofSkills platform

The platform offers participants a customer journey that's all about skills, through the process of assessing, developing and matching skills, to a future of lifelong development. The MijnhouseofSkills platform aims to enable a smooth and effective transition in these different phases by creating a uniform online skills platform that connects people, jobs and training in this platform.

The questions from the client was "How might we make the platform usefull for job seekers to find new work?"


I created a rough site map based on the elements the brief required and own elements gathered based on research.



In this phase, I took the feedback from the client into account and worked it out into wireframes.


Atomic library

When I had the full UX design visible I started to work out the building blocks for the UI design, the Atomic Library.

AtomicLibrary AtomicLibrary AtomicLibrary

UI design

With feedback from the client and testing it on users, I developed the UI design further out.


Final Outcome

In the end this is how the website turned out. Currently it's used by many people to search for a fitting job. Also you can see here how the end result is now used at this link.


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