Various Websites

During internships and freelance work, I worked on websites for various clients in collaboration with other designers and studios. These are some of the websites I have made in the past years.

MijnHouseOfSkills - DitWerkt

Carrying out a matching process, in which participants are shown suggestions based on their work experience. The platform offers participants a customer journey that's all about skills, through the process of assessing, developing, and matching skills, to a future of lifelong development. The MijnhouseofSkills platform aims to enable a smooth and effective transition in these different phases by creating a uniform online skills platform that connects people, jobs, and training. I was asked to make the design and user experience for this platform.

Working By Talpa Media

After Dotcontrol redesigned Talpa Media website, they were asked to broaden it with a separate working by website. I got the change of cooperating within the design team of Dotcontrol during my internship to help to design the website. First I did user research to find out what the needs and wants of the users were and translate into personas and customer journeys to find out the pain points and opportunities. They find it important to find the vacancies easy, with clear information, linking easily to other pages of Talpa, showing the atmosphere through colorful photography, how to develop in the work field, and knowing how to ask questions and apply. Out of this, user stories were made and translated to a clear design, where you can easily find information, filter, and navigate to other information.

Internship: Dotcontrol
Creative Director: Marcel Van Zwieten
Designer: Pascal Rops & Wendy Plas


Gladskin makes products that are scientifically proven to help people with skin problems such as acne, eczema, rosacea, or other irritations. Since their previous webshop didn’t meet their user’s expectations anymore Dotcontrol builds a new e-commerce platform that could help them grow their online sales. During my internship period at DotControl, I have cooperated within the design team to help redesign this e-commerce website. The new design gives it's users a sense of reliability and confidence, through a bright and subtle color scheme and an interface that breathes purity and through the use of honest reviews of actual people.

Internship: Dotcontrol
Creative Director: Marcel Van Zwieten
Designer: Pascal Rops & Wendy Plas

De Gezonde Stad

De Gezonde Stad is a foundation that aims to make Amsterdam more sustainable and healthy. They do this by starting projects together with a community of Amsterdammers and other leaders from the city and supporting residents with sustainable initiatives. During my internship, I could work with Roland to convert the interaction design into a visual design. I learned how to make the visual design and how to use visual elements and how to be free with this. Here I paid attention to the design principles and also learned how to convert this into mobile.

Internship: Vruchtvlees
Creative Director: Rindor Golverdingen
Designer: Roland Cos & Wendy Plas

Verzetsmuseum Expositie Explosiegevaar!

The attack on the Amsterdam Population Register. The exhibition focuses on the social-psychological aspects of this spectacular act, which took place on March 27, 1943. The visitors can sympathize with the reflections and discussions of the six artists and gain insight into their backgrounds, motives, how they were litigated, and what ultimately went wrong. The theme of privacy is also being discussed. In 1943 we apparently had something to hide. What do we think about this now and what needs to be done to delete your data nowadays?

As an interactive part, I could make the first sketches for the design of the iPad game about falsify identity cards. I especially had to think carefully about how it would be used by the user. And how best to convey the story. In the game, there is first a short introduction and then you can forge an identity card by trying to copy the lion. He then indicates the percentage chance you have of being arrested, determined by how neatly you made it, and then asked if you want to run that risk.

Internship: Trapped In Suburbia

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