Application to help nurses on their work balance and getting more appreciation from others

Sickness absence in healthcare is an urgent theme for hospitals. They are keen to reduce high absenteeism rates. The shortage of staff is one of the main causes, because this increases the workload, resulting in higher absenteeism and the departure of permanent employees. Plus that they can take good care of others, but sometimes a little less good for themselves and through psychological and physical burden many people can call them sick. Which in this way is the vicious circle in which many care organizations find themselves.

"How might we achieve a culture in teams in which vitality, attention, and care for colleagues are normal and employees take more ownership of his / her vitality, research it and take actions to strengthen it and thus prevent absenteeism?"


Interaction design


Jan. 2020


OLVG Hackathon



How can we empower nurses

After doing a fishbone diagram, we wanted to focus on the people. We wanted to answer how we can empower nurses. We thought we can do it with the following:

◦   Appreciation
◦   Efficiency
◦   Promote the image of the nurse
◦   Work/life balance
◦   Develop, show personal talent
◦   More control in the work schedule
◦   Give control over our development



Rewarding ideas

To get the ideas rolling on how to do this we did a Crazy 8 ideation session with the team. The best ideas that came out of this were:

◦   Giving each other compliments with text messages
◦   Rewarding of effort with credits. With vouchers, gives, coffee or lunch.
◦   Sharing ideas and being heard
◦   Giving preference on shifts and sharing skills with each other
◦   Easy contact with colleagues at other departments/hospitals.


Vitality App

We came up with the idea of an app that gives the possibility to share shifts, skills, and talents with your colleagues.


And getting in return credits to threaten yourself for your good work, with for instance a lunch or a weekend away.

Also, you can help the vitality keeping high by giving others compliments through the feedback page of the great work you did.


In your profile you can show you skills where you can help others with and tell how your vitality status is, to see how we can help you.

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