With friends - Campaign

"Go celebrate, toast, eat or talk together with friends.” It might be obvious, but not for everyone. Not everybody has friends or the right one to come to their social needs. That’s why someone can be touched by this sentence. Often, we don’t dare to share these feelings of loneliness with each other, because it's a sensitive subject. That making it seems that we are the only one, but actually as much as one-third of young people feel regularly lonely. This is due to the urge to belong to others, loneliness not being discussible, lack of social skills, limited social network and negative thinking.

That's why I want to make loneliness more open to discussion through sharing of cards and inviting people to share their story around loneliness with each other. The cards consists of stories of other people's experiences around loneliness including myself, with the question “When do you feel lonely and what helps you with that?” With that I want to spread the message that together we can help each other around loneliness, by talking more openly about it and giving advice to each other.

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