With friends - Campaign, Book & Application

"Go celebrate, toast, eat or talk together with friends.” It might be obvious, but not for everyone. Not everybody has friends or the right one to come to their social needs. That’s why someone can be touched by this sentence. Often, we don’t dare to share these feelings of loneliness with each other, making it seem that we’re the only ones. But actually, as much as one-third of young people feel regularly lonely.

Out of user research with self-reflection, interviews and surveys, I saw that the opportunities to help loneliness were more on to helping loneliness to be more open to discussion, helping to make easier contact, improve their social network and not overthinking to negative.

Besides making a meeting place with help applications where people can easier get new contacts. I also looked at how we can bring loneliness more open to discussion. Therefore I created a campaign with cards where people are invited to share their story about loneliness with each other. On the cards stands quotes of interviews and own experience about what loneliness is for them and helps them. With the question “When do you feel lonely and what helps you with that?”, being able to share experiences and advice. Through the free distribution of cards and touched texts, I hope that people at the meeting place as well as at home start a conversation with others, write on it and think about it. There is also a website, a social media page and matching posters with this. The typography was developed by letterpress in the workplace and the photos were taken in the photo studio.

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Discipline Campaign, Book & Application— Client Graduation project — Year 2019

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Book & Application

To support next to the meeting place, I offer a self-help book with different things like stories about loneliness, information, tips and tricks and assignments to work around loneliness. But also a self-help application to support students to become more actively involved in getting rid of their lonely feelings and to better meet their social needs. The self-help application consists of an activity board to broaden your social network, conversation game to easily make contact with questions. But also tips about conversation tactics, maintain contacts and changing negative thoughts. All parts also come back in the meeting place.

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