Tangible Interaction

A valuable thing that I learned during the master is in how many ways you can combine digital and physical interactive products with each other and how much I love this. You’re able to let Arduino communicate with other visual software programs, like MAXMSP, Processing, P5.js, Tramontana on your phone, Unity for animations and games with serial communication. These video’s show both experiments of the combination with electronics and animations.

Next to that I also experimented with a WiFi Arduino that connects to an IoT network through a MQTT protocol. In that way more smart devices can communicate with each other. To let the device connect with other services, such as Alexa and Google, I connected this with it IFTTT (‘If this, Then That’). So if you speak to Alexa, then you can change the light of your own light object. Or if Google Calendar notice a word, then it sends a signal to change the light in a specific color, too indicate as a planner that you need to do something else.

Arduino + P5.js

Tramontona + Processing

Arduino + Unity

AR + 3D animation

Voice recognition

Internet of Things + IFTTT

Interactive Wall

Wearables - de Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap